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Cookies and Other Information

What are third party cookies and how does CZ Imaging Institute use them?

Cookies are small text files sent by your computer or device each time you visit They are stored in your browser and allow a website or a third party to recognize the browser on your device. Other technologies, including identifiers associated with your device, and other software, are used for similar purposes. We also use pixels: a type of technology placed on a website or within the body of an email for the purpose of tracking certain activity, such as views of a website or when an email is opened. Pixels are often used in combination with cookies.

Cookies can be classified by their lifespan:

  • Session cookies are specific to a particular visit and expire and delete themselves automatically in a short period of time like after you leave
  • Persistent cookies remember certain information about your preferences and allow CZ Imaging Institute to recognize you each time you return to the website. These cookies are stored on your browser cache or mobile device until you choose to delete them or they delete themselves after the time period set for that cookie lapses.

A cookie can also be classified by the domain to which it belongs, such as a first-party cookie (set by CZ Imaging Institute) or a third party cookie:

  • “Third party cookies” are a type of cookie placed by someone other than CZ Imaging Institute. These cookies may be persistent and gather browsing activity across multiple websites and across multiple sessions. They are stored until you delete them, or until they expire after the time period set in that third party cookie lapses. The table below lists the third party cookies and pixels we use.

You have control over the types of cookies you allow on You can learn more and adjust your cookie preferences by visiting the Cookie Settings. You also have choices and control over the cookies that you allow onto your browser generally. For example, your browser may offer settings that allow you to choose whether browser cookies are set and to delete them. For more information about these controls, visit your browser “help” resources. Below are the types of cookies we use on

Type of Cookie Purpose
Strictly Necessary Certain cookies are strictly necessary for the website to function and can’t be switched off. You can set your browser to block or alert you about these cookies, but some parts of the site won’t work as a result.
Functional These cookies are functional, but not strictly necessary; set by us (or by third parties whose services we have added to the site). They enable the website to provide enhanced functionality and personalization. You may disable some or all of that functionality if you do not allow these cookies.
Analytics Analytics cookies collect information that allows us to understand how often you use our website, where you are accessing the website from, and the links and content on our website that you interact with. We use these cookies to support our website and to improve its operation.

See examples of the types of cookies and their descriptions used on in the table below:

Strictly Necessary Cookies
Source Opt-out Description
OneTrust N/A Helps prevent cookies from being set when consent is not given.
Functional Cookies
Source Opt-out Description N/A Retains closed state for pop-up windows so that users are not shown pop-ups on return visits if they have already closed out those windows.
Analytics Cookies
Source Opt-out Description
Google Analytics Opt-out on Google Used to distinguish unique users, throttle the request rate, and count unique page visits.
CrazyEgg Opt-out on CrazyEgg Used for website analytics, heatmaps, click-maps, and tracking how users interact with web pages.